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Diamond Dowsing Seminars Testimonials:


I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know how my home dowsing experiences have gone. First thing Monday, I came to work and dowsed my massage room. Only 2 geopathic stress lines. I must admit, my room just feels lighter to me.  :-) And Tuesday morning, I set to work on the vortexes in my home. One was in the kitchen, which made perfect sense. No one wants to clean the kitchen. We have so many fruit flies, it's ridiculous. For the time being, the vortex is cleared on the countertop. The second vortex is in my mom’s room, where both my mom & daughter snore to high heaven. I have that one blocked until I can clear it. Overall, I think the class was probably the best thing for me. I feel like a lot of my negative energies have gone. I'm more alert & happy. Thank you so much! 

Kristin H., Minot


Just wanted to let you know what has happened since I attended your seminar in Fargo a few weeks ago. 

First I usually cannot sleep at all as my hips kill me and I beg my husband to rub them almost every night.  They felt good while I was at the seminar and my first night back I didn't have time to check my house and they killed me that night.  I cured a negative vortex next to my bed and a geopathic stress line going through my bed. I haven't had a problem with them since!! I was really starting to wonder if I would be able to do massage much longer it was getting too hard on my body, even though I love my job. But now even after massaging all day I feel great! Thank You Thank You Thank You!!
My other huge Thank you is for my new house.  We actually were looking at buying a different lot but house didn't fit. Turns out when I was dowsing for negative Hartmann and Curry the rods about spun out of my hand!! The big green electric box was sitting on an intersection of all 4 lines which is on the my property. We already had a child with cancer and it was plenty enough!  I don't think I mentally, emotionally, I could handle another family member being deathly sick. It was stressful and scary enough once.

Also, the lady that rents from me was telling me about her MS, turns out about 3 months after she moved her metal bed with a mirror at the end she was diagnosed.  When we looked she was sleeping in a neg Hartmann line (her panel was laying on it). She is now cutting back on her sleeping meds which she was taking an insane amount of just to settle down every night. We are both waiting to see what happens in the next few months. So she says a big Thank You!

So I just thought you might want to hear how it is going after class. I am really glad I was drawn to your class. Thank You Thank You Thank You

Thanks again,

Amanda Troyna


I have been a massage therapist for 12 years. Often, I would get to a point with clients in sessions where I didn’t know how to help them further. I want to do more. After taking the Diamond Dowsing class, I now know what to do to help with the next layer of healing.

 Lindsay Walz, Fargo, ND


Before class it was like trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together with the picture upside down. During the class, it was like slowly flipping over the pieces and seeing the whole picture. The entire weekend was like finding something you didn’t know was even missing.

 Amanda Troyna, Turtle Lake, ND


I have always been so interested in energy work. I love learning about chakras and energy lines. And dowsing is just an awesome way to get rid of or block all of the negative energies that affect us. I found this class to be so helpful to me as I am so empathic and in tune with energies. I needed this knowledge to block so much of what I take in.

 Kris, ND


This class has opened up so much for and within me. I feel as if I already had the knowledge and abilities but knew that I had blocks in my path preventing me from moving further or heightening my full consciousness/awareness. I would recommend Annette’s class to any of those drawn to dowsing, becoming more aware or clearing personal karma or blokcages.


Thank you so much, Annette, for this wonderful opportunity for growth as not only a massage therapist and energy worker, but as a spiritual being.

 Corey, Fargo, ND


This class has opened many doors for me to explore and expand my knowledge: my knowledge of the environment and of me. I would recommend this class to anyone that has any interest in opening themselves up.

 Billy, Fargo, ND


This class was extremely well-run, organized and informative. I had very limited knowledge on what dowsing actually was. Annette’s presentation was very clear and she made the subject easy to understand.


This is a class that not only is ideal for a professional person working in the health industry, but also for someone looking for a better life and healthier lifestyle. The class makes the how and why of many healthy issues that is not understood by most people.

 Linda, Fargo, ND


During this weekend, I learned completely new techniques for energy work, learned about myself that I was never aware of and connected with myself on a whole new level. I became so much more aware of my surroundings and am grateful for the information and tools I learned.

 Mary, ND


Dowsing has changed my life.  Immediately after having my house dowsed, my energy increased drastically and became steady all throughout the day.  I've also noticed that my kids sleep better and are generally happier, more relaxed, and better behaved. 

I was volunteering in my daughter’s 4th grade classroom and the teacher asked me to work with 2 boys on the “reading rug”. We each sat with our own books and the boys began to take turns reading out loud. Both boys were having a really tough time reading as well as sitting still. I was feeling so sleepy, it was almost impossible for me to keep my eyes open. After school I brought my dowsing rods in and I found the three of us had been sitting on a negative vortex. The teacher said no one ever sat in that spot very long, they either got in trouble or chose to move to a different spot on their own. Often, when the class gathered on the carpet, that spot would remain empty. I placed the curing rods under the rug and both the teacher and I felt a fresh breeze move through the room! A week later, the teacher told me that same area of the rug was now the first spot that was taken when the class came to the carpet. 

~ Susan K. Denver, CO


After completing the Diamond Feng Shui home study course and the Diamond Dowsing class, I offered to help my daughter’s teacher rearrange the desks in her room before the students took their annual CSAP tests. We placed the student’s desks so they would face their best directions, and we covered the information on the bulletin boards with yellow and blue poster paper. I also dowsed the room after confirming that it sat on top of an aquifer. This class ended up with the highest scores for that grade level in their school!  

~ Susan K. Denver, CO


While subbing in a high school classroom, I encountered a very angry student. She did not understand the calculus concept the class was working on, and she was frustrated because her teacher was not at school to help her. After working at her desk for about 15 minutes, she was even more discouraged and I could see her anger building. On a hunch, I brought out my dowsing rods. I asked her if she would mind if I checked for any “distracting” energy lines near her desk. I found three different Geopathic stress lines crossing her desk. I cured these lines and this student started grinning. A minute or so later, she could not stop laughing! She said to me, “I have goose bumps all over!” She then began laughing and said, “Even more amazing, is the fact that I’m not angry anymore.” This student took a second look at the calculus assignment that was due by the end of class, and she was able to complete the problems with 10 minutes to spare. She said that was another “first” for her.

~ Susan K. Denver, Colorado


I have a rental property that has been nothing but trouble. Every couple that has ever lived there has had terrible marital problems and split up. The yard was always in a mess and the house a disaster. The length of time the tenant’s stayed was getting shorter and shorter with some lasting only 3 months. The last woman even left her 9 year old child in the house and left town. I could not figure out what was going on since it was a very cozy home. At the point when I was ready to sell the property, I took the Diamond Dowsing course and decided to do an experiment on this property before I sold it. Well, the transformation was so amazing and if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed it! The people cleaned all the garbage from the yard and they started phoning me to see if there was anything else they can do for me. The inside of the house is well-kept and everyone seems very happy. Another amazing thing is the outlets on the kitchen counter started working again and they hadn’t worked for years. The air in the house feels warm and comfortable and the entire house feels like a Magic Wand went over it. I am so thankful that the Diamond Dowsing class showed me another way of handling a difficult situation. Thank you! 

~ Cory Lethbridge, Canada


I was irritated every time my toddler collected all of her toys and played under the kitchen table. After finding out that there is a positive vortex there, I will never disturb her again. I realize after taking the class that children feel the positive energy vortexes and go to those places to feel well.

~ Els Dhooms Belgium


I signed up for the class because my children and my house constantly felt chaotic. My two children were constantly fighting and it seemed that they broke every toy they played with. I had tried everything in order to bring some peace into my house, but nothing worked. After taking the class, I went home and dowsed every room. I found many stress lines, especially where the children played, and a negative vortex in the center of our house. After doing the cures, I was amazed at how quickly our home became one of harmony. The children have stopped fighting and they play so wonderfully with their toys. I love my home again!

~ Rita California



I have a son of 15 who has been hooked on violent computer games for the past two years. After attending the dowsing class, I dowsed our house and found out that he was sitting on geopathic stress lines that created violent stress. Within two days, his use of the computer was reduced from 6 hours a day to only a half hour. And more importantly, he is not drawn to the violent computer games anymore. I wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t see it for myself!

~ Daniel California