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About our Products

Enlightened Products for an Enlightened Home

When we create Enlightened products that help you create an Enlightened home, we are conscious of both the energy of the creator of the products as well as the environment in which our products are made. 

All products sold on this site are created with the intention of holding intention and emitting Light. In order for that to happen, Marie Diamond Energy systems are utilized in the making of each of these products. 

All products are individually handcrafted by a Master craftsman, initiated in the Marie Diamond Energy systems and the time, attention and energy imbued in them create products that are the highest energy standard. 

The environment the products are created is also very important. Through the use of dowsing, the space is cleared of any negative vibrations. The space is also quantum dowsed, which means that the environment itself holds and radiates the highest frequencies possible to support the crafting of these tools. 



Diamond Feng Shui is also applied to the space as both monthly and yearly cures and activations are used to enhance and receive the highest level of universal energy that flows each year and month. 

The truly unique aspect of our dowsing products comes through the special activations of the cures, dowsing rods and energy rings by an Enlightened Master Dowser. 



they are used by the Master Dowser. These intentions and light frequencies were passed on by Marie Diamond to the Enlightened Activator. 

For instance, it is very important to have a strong intention when curing a stress line when doing the basic dowsing of a home or office. Each cure is already activated, or programmed, with the intention of what it is meant to cure so even if your intention is not strong on a particular day, the cure will still do what it is designed to do. 

Each of the cures (sticks) are also activated with certain light frequencies that will assist in either curing or activating your home. 

The same methods are used for the dowsing rods and energy rings. 

Many people will ask why the energy rings and cures are made out of copper. We find that the unique property of copper is extremely conducive to holding the intentions and activations at the highest level for the longest period of time. It is 

a material that has been used by dowsers for thousands of years and we are proud to continue the tradition of using this wonderful material in the making of our products. 



The dowsing rods are made out of brass instead of copper, however, because brass is a stronger material than copper. Although copper is used by others for the making of dowsing rods, we find that rods last longer and keep their shape with the use of brass. 

We are delighted that Marie Diamond has given us the exclusive worldwide licensing for creating, handling and distributing her Enlightened Energy tools for Diamond Dowsing. 

Thank you for visiting our site and we know you will enjoy any one of the Enlightened products found here.